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Denture Cleaners


The Ultrasonic UV Denture Cleaner helps keep dentures, mouth guards, invisalign, retainers, and toothbrushes free from bacteria, germs, and stains. This product has been built with the latest ultrasonic (high frequency sound wave to agitate stains and dirt) and ultraviolet (invisible light wave to disinfect the microorganisms).


  • Ultrasonic vibration reaches up to 8,000 times (UP-321) or 18,000 times (UP-32A) per minutes to remove stains from objects placed inside the container.
  • Latest UV light sterilization and bacteriostasis technology allows for 100% spotless effect without residual chemical.
  • Built-in power saver to shut off device automatically after 20 minutes.
  • Perfect for home and traveling use.