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Q: Why do I need to wear hearing enhancers?

A: Hearing ability may get diminish as we age, and we will normally lose around 30decibels over time. Ignoring this could accelerate the deterioration of your hearing.


Q: Who are hearing enhancers can be suitable for ?

A: Anyone who has supplementary a minor to moderate hearing deficiency.


Q: What should I know before wearing hearing enhancers?

A: Please take time to fit your hearing device for comfort and ease of use. You will feel comfortable in just a few hours.


Q: How can feedback noise be reduced ?

A: You can reduce feedback noise by adjusting the volume and using the snug fitting silicone ear caps. Make sure that the silicone ear caps fit snugly.


Q: Do hearing enhancers amplify all the sounds ?

A: Hearing enhancers amplify Speech and all sounds including background noise from Car, Air Conditioners or Crowds. We suggest that you do not use this product in very noisy conditions

Q: Why do I still have trouble hearing even with the hearing enhancers?

A: If you still have a problem hearing clearly we suggest you purchase an additional hearing enhancers for your other ear. With both ears receiving amplified sound, there is a balance of amplified sound and a greater ability to distinguish speech against background noises. When you wear two hearing enhancers the direction of the sound source is easier determine.


Q: How do I prevent echo sounds while wearing my hearing enhancers?

A: The distance between the Microphone and Speakers is narrow and may result in a high pitch echo. To avoid any Echo, please hold your finger over the Microphone when installing into your ear. By covering the Microphone you will eliminate any Feedback or Echo.


Q: Do I have to wear hearing  enhancers all the time ?

A: Wearing hearing enhancer is personal decision. The hearing enhancer is designed to enhance your hearing ability. This Hearing Device will help you in hearing conversations more clearly.