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New Ram Technology Auto Car Ultrasonic Animal/Mouse/Rat pest Repeller. Compatible with Cars & Vehicle (12V & 24V). Under Hood Design. No Additional External Battery Needed.

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Product Description


  • ✅ MOST ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY: Apesto Auto Adition car animal repeller uses a multiple combinations of advance technology to ensure that the best protection that goes into your vehicle. The main technology that is used to repel the rodents and animals is the ultrasonic transmitter that has 2 preset dB (sound) level settings to give you optimal protection. The tech Auto-Switching, allowing the frequency to constantly change so that the animals and pest don't get use to the same sound being produced.
  • ✅ WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT: Made with tough high heat resistant materials that can withstand the average heat that is produced by the engine without melting. It uses the battery from your vehicle to operate, compatible for 12V & 24V batteries which average cars and trucks use. The reason why we don't use conventional batteries is that they don't have as much heat resistance and in turn makes it dangerous when they reach a high temperature.
  • ✅ EASY TO INSTALL: We understand that not everyone is technology savy, that is why we have designed the animal / pest repeller for your car that is easy and can be done within only a few minutes.
  • ✅ PROTECTIONS: Multiple built in protection functions so you don't harm you, your car or the device. Low Voltage Protection, Positive and Negative Polarity Protection, 12V and 24V Compatible (will auto detect the voltage of the battery and adopt the needed voltage.) & Build material (The material is made with high temperature resistance and can withstand high and cold temperature.).
  • ✅ BEST RESULTS WITH NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS: With our technology and our ultrasonic sound wave with all of its clever technology this is the best animal / pest repeller for your vehicle on the market. We focus to purely repelling and not killing, therefore no harm comes to the animals and rodents that it repels such as cats, rats, mice, squirrels and other small animals.



Product description

What makes Apesto's Auto Edition different from others:

✅ 2 Adjustable settings to best suit your needs.
- High Frequency: For maximum protection for your car, vehicles or the area you want to protect. 
- Low Frequency: For residential protection for your car and vehicles. 

With unmatched proven and tested 103.2 dB ± 10 dB range of sound output. This is the equivalence to a Jet taking off, a jackhammer or a Boeing 707

✅ Water and Heat Resistant: Able to withstand the heat in the engine department. No worries when it rains either.

✅ Auto-Switching Function: Rather than using traditional mono-tone, Auto-Switching is an advance setting that we have specially programmed into the Auto Edition's integrated circuit (IC) chip to allow the random flow of frequency of the sound. This lets the rodents and small animals not get used to the sound, making it intolerable.

✅ Low Power Consumption: Needs very little power, its power consumption is in the region of 5mA. The power consumption is slightly less than what a car alarm system uses.

✅ Low Voltage Protection: we have build a special Low Voltage Protection plan that can detect your cars batteries power level, as soon as it detects that the battery is at a certain voltage level.

✅ Polarity Protection: We understand that not everyone is a mechanic and know how to connect devices to cars. We have included a fuse to ensure protection to you, your car and the Apesto Auto Edition from being short circuited.

✅ Automatic Switching ON & OFF of the Device: We implement another program into our IC board and that is to have the Apesto Auto Edition pest repellent device automatically switch ON and OFF.

✅ 12V and 24V Battery Compatible: Most car's operate with either a 12V battery or 24V battery. We have designed the Apesto Auto Edition to work with both voltages of batteries that are mostly found in standard cars and trucks.


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